Athens, Greece

I have added special tags to a few of my entries. To make it easier for you, I've grouped them all together in different categories. Click on the links and knock yourself out!

For those of y'all that want to see more
Posts labeled "In Photos" are pictures from my travels that didn't make it into a specific entry.

 For those of y'all who care about what I have to say
Posts labeled "Letters from the Editor" are my pre-trip thoughts or whatever doesn't fit into a travel story.

For those of y'all who are salty about a keychain going global
Posts labeled "Pikachu's Postcards" are pictures of my niece's Pikachu at various landmarks or places of interest.

***For those of y'all who can't get enough.***
Posts labeled "Tales From the Crypt" are dumb stories from my pre-2013 trips.

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