From my hood to yours. 

Hi, my name is Isabel and I'm dummy with a passport. I'm from Los Angeles, California-- specifically South Central L.A. aka the ghetto-- so no, I don't have a trust fund. I have a terrible sense of direction, but that doesn't stop me from escaping my natural habitat (steerage) and coming to your hood. I will hop on a plane at the drop of a hat and find myself in buffoonery abroad. I'm the absolute worst

This whole blog is, in essence, a love letter to myself (and my complete lack of sense). Join me as I find myself sleeping in airports cause I forgot to take a time change into consideration, skipping the Louvre to stay in watching French game shows and flying to another country for a concert that gets canceled the day of. My misadventures are hilariously bad and I am gonna show y'all just how ridiculous things can get on the road-- from la vie en rose to la vie dans la merde!

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