lundi 7 septembre 2015

Pikachu's Postcards: Parthenon, Athens

My niece loves Pokemon and I said I'd take her Pikachu on my journeys, too. This is a series called Pikachu's Postcards and I will be posting random snaps periodically! Today we travel to Greece, where Pika loved exploring the Acropolis in thousand degree heat. 

dimanche 6 septembre 2015

Baraats & Goodbyes

On the way to dinner, we started to see lots of action up above the road. We drove right past a baraat! I was posted to the window like one of those little Garfields. If you are unfamiliar with this phenomenon, a baraat is an Indian wedding procession. The groom, dressed in white, rides a (white) horse to the wedding venue. In modern times, they don't have to ride a horse the entire way. They can ride a white car for a portion of the journey but still arrive on the horse (cause tradition, duh). He is accompanied by what I assume are friends and family plus a band. It was really exciting to see, especially cause I am a total creep for Indian weddings. We passed another baraat, this one bigger than the last. I was so excited. Well it goes without saying that the dinner was delicious as usual. Our tour guide, B, sat next to me just like he had the entire trip and literally forced me to taste all of the food offered. India was blessing my tastebuds so hard. The best was yet to come, though.