dimanche 12 juillet 2015

The Taj Mahal: World Wonder Deux, Duh!

When I last left y'all, we had just made the thousand year journey to Agra. Let me tell you that my hotel was fucking AMAZING. It was so serene! Truly an oasis in the chaos that is Agra. The longer we stayed in India, the crazier it got lol. I love you, Trident Agra. Man, so heavenly. It was just what I needed! It was insanely hot and humid, but there was a pool and A/C. What more can a girl ask for? Apparently, the stars were aligning for me and making my trip super pleasant. I got to catch the tail end of a Bollywood movie and then The Hobbit came on. I even ordered room service cause I was having a very Kevin McCallister moment. When I took a look at the kids menu, I had to do a double take. Had the heat melted my brain? Nope. This was very real. Who thought of this? Much amuse. When my food arrived, I wanted to cry cause it looked so delicious. Ugh, I was soooo relaxed! Y'all know me and my creature comforts. I wanted to stay here forever. Yeah, I'm totally normal.