samedi 20 juin 2015

Road 2 Agra: The NeverEnding Story

Man, this has to be my 500th entry and I am still not done with my India recap. Like Dave Chapelle once said--"Wrap it up, B!". I'm sorry, Internet. The truth is, I took well over 6, 000 pictures in India. WHO DOES THAT?! It's been hell trying to narrow them down to a select few and building an entry around them. I am not a fan of travel blogs that are full of pictures with no story. I want to know what happened. I mean, I know how to use Google Images so if I wanted to look at pictures, why would I go to your blog? With that said-- 6,000, though? I never take that many pictures anywhere, I swear. What can I say? India put a spell on me! Only one more entry after this and we are out of here.

Moving on, after departing lovely Jaipur we set off for Agra. This was the moment I had been waiting for! Little did I know that the ride to Agra would take a smooth galactic year. Our first stop was to a small village called Abhaneri. This is where a famous step well called Chand Baori is located. Rajasthan is a desert state, so water is a resource that is Gollum certified precious. If you are wondering about the name, "Chand" refers to Raja Chand and "Baori" means step well. It was built in the 9th century to collect rainwater but the British Raj thought step wells were gross and unsanitary so they shut them down. Obviously, they went dry. Regardless, Chand Baori is still an incredible sight to see. This thing looks like an optical illusion! Pictures don't do it any justice. My eyes couldn't process it. India is bananas, for real.  Chand Baori is 13 stories tall, 100 feet deep, and has about 3,500 steps. I am out of breath just thinking about it! I can't imagine who would actually climb down these steps for fun. I was gripping the railing when I leaned in for a closer look cause I knew my scumbag brain could (and would!) betray me. Y'all have heard the french expression l'appel du vide ("the call of the void"), right? Non, merci. I really like being alive.

All jokes aside, Chand Baori is fucking gorgeous.  For those of you who have no life and watch too many movies (like me), this place may look familiar. It's the Pit aka the prison where little Bane (and later, big Bruce Wayne) is held captive in The Dark Knight Rises. I clearly escaped and lived to tell the tale, so I guess my new name is Izzy al Ghul. Don't make me call my Daddy on y'all! Don't play. Here are a few more pics. I love India.

Next to Chand Baori is the Harshat Mata Temple. The temple is super old and is the second biggest attraction in Abhaneri. Don't believe me? Chand Baori is listed as the #1 (out of 2!!!) things to do in this village on TA. This is #2...of 2. There is nothing else to really do here, but that's okay. India has a really weird way of making me feel like Indiana Jones when I walk amongst these architectural jewels. The novelty had yet to wear off. Picture time! 

Agra is arguably the ghettoest city in the Golden Triangle, but I found it to be the liveliest and most interesting. It was nothing like Jaipur, but it had a uniquely gritty charm that I could definitely appreciate. There was so much traffic that the drive took forever. It was exactly like trying to drive home from Vegas on a long weekend. As we got closer to the city, I began to see a lot of vehicles painted different colors. Now that the weekend was upon us, preparations for weddings were on 100. This, of course, made me very happy. I was in marigold heaven. Did it make up for this eternal ass drive? Surprisingly, yes. It was eye opening to see the scale of these weddings as they corresponded to the different social classes. It was like a real-life Monsoon Wedding! Fascinating. Agra has to be the most crowded city I have ever stepped foot in, real talk. Peep the pics below-- I dare you to complain about being stuck in traffic ever again! Where is a sig alert when you need one...


FINALLY! We have arrived. To be continued...

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