dimanche 26 avril 2015

Delhi Daze

We had just left Humayun's Tomb and the day was in full swing. I finally got introduced to the hustle and bustle of New Delhi. This is exactly the India I was expecting to see! I have to admit that the road was complete chaos. There are lanes painted on the street, sure, but no one gives a care. It's every man for himself out there. It kinda looked like a game of Mario Kart. I almost expected a fucking banana to show up and make us spin out. Motor bikes, rickshaws, bicycles, cars, trucks, buses, dogs, cows, pedestrians, you name it-- it was all there. The honking... the honking... OMG it was everywhere. There were more sirens than a Manu Chao song, too. It was truly an overload of the senses. There was just so much to see! It was out of control and I loved every second of it. We drove by the Red Fort which was fucking massive. I wish we'd stopped by, but maybe I can do this on another visit. I just didn't have time to go explore while trying to familiarize myself with the city. 

It wasn't the cows. It wasn't the trash. It wasn't even the smog. One of the most shocking things I saw were all the power lines. I have never seen such a tangled mess of power cords and I live in South Central! It is such a mystery. I was completely perplexed. How does this shit even work?! I can't even blow dry my hair without blowing a fuse and fucking up the electricity. I guess that is the beauty of it all. India has been around for ages and it does not give a fuck about your safety codes or regulations. 

A Paris Goth Abroad: Humayun's Tomb

I had to be up in 2 hours, so I went straight to bed... JUST KIDDING! I spent it shivering and texting, duh. It's not like I could sleep. With my luck, I'd wake up the next week. I was still very excited anyway, so at 6:00, I got out of bed, made some tea, and started getting ready. My socks didn't end up drying, but at least I had my makeup bag! I could recycle my clothes but I wasn't about to be faceless in India. I headed down to breakfast where I overheard people slandering me. Apparently I was being picked up with others who were on the same flight and they all waited for me for 2 hours. OOPS! I cheekily introduced myself as the person they were talking about. Their tune changed when I told them my ordeal. Word spread quickly and the sympathy came pouring in. I was suddenly a celebrity! They all said I was handling it well, but I mean... what was I gonna do? Stay mad the entire trip? Uh, no. Now in the company of about 20 others plus the world's best host, I was in an awesome mood. I was so happy to meet my fellow travelers, young and old. My hotel had the most delicious cappuccino I have ever had in my life, too. Did I mention I had never eaten Indian food before? The love affair began when I had my very first meal. I was hooked. I swear, I would kill for some aloo paratha now and forever.

It was time to head out! Since I arrived at night, it was exciting to finally see what the city looked like. It had finally hit me that I was here. I was so elated! First stop was the very imposing India Gate. The Arc de Triomphe will always be my favorite, but India Gate is equally as impressive. It was a lot bigger than I imagined it to be. Like the Arc de Triomphe, it is a war memorial. India Gate honors the soldiers in the British Indian army who died in the First World War.

mardi 21 avril 2015

Desvelada En Delhi

I was finally in India and couldn't believe it. Whoa. After being trapped for hours by The Woman in the Puffy Coat, I obviously had to use the restroom. I got off the plane and walked for what felt like a hundred years to find one. You know in the cartoons when a character is on a long journey and while they are walking the seasons change in the background? That was me. Keep in mind that I couldn't walk for shit-- in fact I think my legs felt worse. I finally found a restroom, threw open the door, walked in, and closed it. When I turned around there was... nothing. My first thought was "Where is the toilet?!" but then I remembered I was in India. Duh! I have been in Asia before, so I am not new to squat toilets, but for some reason I just totally forgot they were in India, too. Do you know how hard it is to squat when your legs feel like linguine?!

I was trying to hurry up and clear immigration because my driver was only going to wait for an hour. I had arranged for someone from my hotel to pick me up because I didn't want to take a taxi. Give me a break. Had this been noon, who cares. I am not that adventurous, though. As a solo female traveler there are just some precautions you have to take. It is what it is. We were slightly delayed and I was not about to try to find my way home past midnight. I guess this is where I mention that I was on a tour. I would be joining my group at the hotel and we would set off together the next day. I was not about to do India alone. I figured I'd scope it out and return back by myself if I felt like I could handle it. If you want to know who I took this tour with, contact me. I loved it! Back to the story.

dimanche 19 avril 2015

Izzy Goes To India (And Other Stupid Tales)

The big day was here! I was finally going to India. I have been interested in Indian culture my entire life. The earliest memory I have of it is probably reading about it in A Little Princess when I was a kid, but who knows for sure? My interest has never really wavered, despite not knowing any Indians until I was like, 17 years old. Aesthetically, India was (and is) my jam. Those of y'all who live in Southern California know about Channel 18. Well on Saturdays there was this program called Showbiz India TV that featured interviews with Bollywood stars and clips from the newest movies. I was so obsessed! I looked forward to it every week and would be crushed if I missed it. This was pre-DVR days, so you assholes are spoiled rotten. Sometimes, my antenna would act up and it would be all static and weird. USELESS. Anyway, I loved it and had favorite songs and everything. I was so serious about it. 

For some reason, I had never really thought of going to India. Like, I was ready to buy my ticket for a ride on Virgin Galactic, but India just seemed so...far away? I seriously considered going to fucking SPACE before India. Don't listen to me. I eventually made some plans to go with a friend a few years ago, but she chickened out and that was the end of that. Even then,  I don't think I really believed I would actually go through with it. One day, I saw a special or something about Oprah's visit. She said that India was sensory overload and that it was the only place she had ever felt like she was really "somewhere else". I thought that was a pretty interesting statement especially coming from someone who has probably been everywhere in the world. India is pretty polarizing. Either you love it or hate it. The problem is, I didn't know too many people who had ever been there. The trip reports I read online were also split, except for one thing-- they all agreed that India was a beast. I love a good challenge, so you would think that would rekindle my desire, but nope. I'm an egghead for sure.

vendredi 17 avril 2015

For Those That Louvre Long Walks

Hi, I'm back (and still in love with shitty puns). Where did we leave off? Oh, right. Today, we are at the Louvre. Everyone knows what the Louvre is, and if you don't, then I have no idea what to tell you. I will revisit this fucking snoozefest of a museum on the trip report for my next visit. Anyway, the actual building is gorgeous, but many will recognize I.M. Pei's glass pyramid outside. I hate modern art in general, so I'm not crazy about the pyramid. At least it doesn't look like the Pompidou building. I'm too uncultured for this, whatever. I hung out here for a bit drinking a delicious vin chaud. I realized I didn't have any photos of me here, so I had to ask someone to take a picture of me (#foreveralone). Just kidding, I love traveling alone but sometimes your girl needs some pics. Speaking of... Picture time!

samedi 4 avril 2015

Aux Champs-Élysées

One of my favorite things to do in Paris is ride the metro. It is super efficient and really convenient as you are never more than 5 minutes away from a stop. It will get you everywhere you need to be in a timely manner and it has some of the coolest stations I have ever seen. The metro itself is a treasure trove for those of us that enjoy people watching. My absolute favorite station is the Arts et Métiers stop. It looks like a submarine straight out of a Jules Verne novel! Y'all know I'm a Sci-Fi geek, so I am totally on board with this decor. I love the advertisements, too. How am I supposed to know what is happening in the City of Love?

I know y'all think I'm kidding, but I'm as serious as a heart attack. Titanic is one of my favorite movies of all time. Besides the fact that the costumes were flawless, the set design was out of this world, and the acting was top notch, the story of the Titanic in and of itself fascinates me to no end. I bought the Director's cut DVD as soon as it came out and all. Don't play with me. Now imagine seeing it in Paris... with a live orchestra...ON MY BIRTHDAY WEEKEND! Ugh. Let me stop before I cry. Paris has it all. 

One of my other favorite ads was for the app that provides real-time metro info. This is very useful for you Cinderizzys that leave your glass slippers everywhere.