dimanche 15 mars 2015

In Photos: Palais Garnier

Confession: I'm part-time bougie. I love ballet and try to catch a performance wherever I go. There is one major place I'd love to see a performance, and it is #17 on my Ultimate Bucket List. Obviously, I had to visit the Paris Opera. Back in the day, society people came to the Opera to see and be seen, not to enjoy a performance. The opera or ballet that was being performed came second to hanging out. It was mostly background noise. How do you say "flexing" in French? Nobody got here on time cause being late meant that you were busy and important. That means no street rats allowed! Not surprisingly, most of the corridors and landings interweave, permitting people to be social during intermission. This is also why the staircases, halls, and foyers are so large compared to the auditorium itself. People were just out here loitering. The ballers and other members of high society would come here for a grand affair. The world is a stage, bro. Thought you knew.

Did you know that there is even a little plaque at the box where the Phantom "sat"? Who commemorates a ghost?! Friezes, columns, statues-- they have it all. More is more at the Palais Garnier and I am here for it! I love the glitz and gilded luxury. Although it used to be Ballers Only, us plebes can now enjoy a performance for as little as 5€. There are tons of nods to Greek Mythology in and around the building if you are into that sort of thing. Outside of the Opera, there was a ska band playing. It was pretty cool to see. I love street performers in Paris. Anyway, the rest of the photos are of the Opera, including a picture of your girl. The last picture is a panorama to show y'all just how ornate and exquisite the auditorium is.


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