samedi 28 février 2015

The Book of Life

... And we're back! Where were we? Oh yeah. We walked around the park and guess what we found?

You know what time it is! Anyway, I know I keep saying that I loved things, but THIS was my absolute favorite:

Yes, that is a cemetery. It's not a real one, though. I'm not that creepy (Yes, I am). Wendy was inside of this place called the House of Whispers. HELL NAH. The House of Whispers is this weird building that has some spooky audio engineering going on. I was all for it when it was a quetzal, but i'm good on whispers. I was here to be entertained, not horrified. I waited outside and walked over to the cemetery and started reading the graves. At first I smiled, but as I read on I found myself laughing out loud. Mexicans have a pretty playful attitude when it comes to death. Death is not really something to be feared in our culture. Besides, we love to party, so we choose to celebrate life instead. We even have a holiday for it! Let me remind you that I don't actually celebrate this stuff (#FakeMexican), but I think it is cute. These were whimsical little graves that reflect the humorous relationship we have with death. I just wish the non Spanish-speaking tourists were able to enjoy the little jokes. Bilinguals of the world stand up! Anyway, here are a few more pictures.

 and my personal favorite:

Mala hierba nunca muere. HELL YEAH!
Next, we went to swim in a real life underground cave. It was so dark in there! Damn nature, you scary. If you are wondering why there are no photos of that, it's because your girl didn't think it through. I saw many brave souls with their phones in a ziploc bag, but it was not that serious. I had an awesome time and now I can say I swam in a cave. We started to make our way over to hit up the relaxation station where I could unleash my inner Hedonism Bot. We passed a replica of the Mayan Ball court and also stopped to have dinner at this delicious place.

Finally, we arrived. Here's a crappy panoramic shot.

Pictures don't do it justice, so whatever. Here, I swam with live fish. Man, earlier that day I allowed a bird to perch on my arm. Now I was swimming with fishes! The day was winding down, so this area of the park was mostly deserted. It was awesome. They even have a hammock section! I apologize... for nothing!

We ended our visit by catching Xcaret's big show. The show spans Mexico's history from the very beginning to modern times. They even had an actual Mayan Ball match that got pretty intense. Of course, they also had a Mariachi! It was a blast. Wendy and I got especially loud and rowdy when they represented our states. We were so into it! For those of you wondering if you should go to Xcaret: DO IT! They have something for everyone.

¡Viva México!

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