vendredi 28 novembre 2014

Namaste, Loser!

I miss sleep so, so much.

Who schedules a vacation right before finals? Me, of course. I have been so busy these past few weeks that I am now two trips behind on the blog. In a few hours, I leave on yet another vacation. I am going to be buried alive by these pending entries if I don't get it together soon. Do you know what I had for Thanksgiving dessert? A midterm exam. I have been so inundated with school work that I have barely had time to sleep (Starbucks, you da real MVP!) let alone post. So why the hell am I here?

I'm going to India.

Me. Isabel. OMG.


I have dreamt about going to India for as long as I can remember. I figured I'd make it out there once I grew up, got a real job, and could afford it. Maybe it would be sometime in my 30's... if ever. India just seemed impossibly far away from South Central LA. Yet here I am. I actually did it. I found myself in the perfect conditions and just went for it. I'm 28 years old and I am making my biggest dream come true. Holy shit! What a wonderful world. The fact that you can just find a place on a map, buy a ticket, and actually go there is insane. 

I've done all my homework for the time I will be away which is why I am barely functioning. Who cares that I will literally get off the plane when I return and head directly to a mandatory final? I can't even think that far ahead. I don't even know whether to be excited or scared. Both? I'm too exhausted to care. My only current concerns are that my iPad is fully loaded and that my moisturizer makes it past TSA. I don't know if this will be the best or worst decision I have ever made, but rest assured I will find the humor in it regardless. I can't wait to share when I get back!

mardi 18 novembre 2014

Pikachu's Postcards: El Castillo, Chichen Itza

My niece loves Pokemon and I said I'd take her Pikachu on my journeys, too. This is a series called Pikachu's Postcards and I will be posting random snaps periodically! Today we travel to Mexico, where it is so hot that Pika is starting to look like a Pikasso sweating his makeup off.
Pika's 1st World Wonder!

Strawberry Fields Forever

The next morning, we set off to Strawberry Fields. We had been here before (obvi) but we were stoked to visit when there was so much buzz in the air. There is a hilarious story about Central Park that I will not share without Sonia's permission, but it pertains to how vast Central Park really is. It is one of my favorite places in NYC, and of course the benches are my favorite part. I am so romantic. Anyway, here are a few pictures.

There was an exhibit over at Lincoln Center's New York Public Library of the Performing Arts and we clearly could not skip this. It was a small exhibit, but it was really cool. I mentioned in the previous post that it had been 50 years since the lads landed at JFK. Thus began the British Invasion, and music's landscape was changed forever.

All good things must come to an end, and it was time to say (Hello) Goodbye.

Izzy Goes to NYFW

I'd show you guys a picture of the invite, but I have no idea where I put it. The venue was Center 548 and we were gonna see Tracy Reese! It was only a few blocks away... but I didn't realize that we would have such a long walk. In heels. In the snow. The good news is we had a blast walking around and laughing about how dumb this idea was. The show was fantastic and there were so many pieces that I loved. Can you believe June Ambrose was there? Hearts for eyes, forever. Anyway, here is a raggedy video of the finale via my iTelly.

I didn't take too many pictures because I had better things to do... like watch the show, duh. Here is a photo of a stylish trio.

And here we are! I hope you guys know that I was Sonia's stylist. Too bad I can't dress myself.

I got tons of compliments on my "skirt", but jokes on y'all-- It is actually a dress! You can find it HERE. It is a trillion times more beautiful in person. 

The show was over just as soon as it began. What a wonderful experience! We took the stairs down instead of the elevator, because I was literally going to turn into André Leon Talley if it got stuck. We went back to our hotel to change and go have dinner with my sister. When we left dinner we got the surprise of our life-- SNOW!!! 

New York City transformed into a winter wonderland right before our very eyes. What a world! I had never experienced snow and the novelty was nowhere near wearing off. This was turning out to be the best trip ever. Back at our hotel, we watched tons of news reports about it being the 50th anniversary of the Beatles' appearance on the Ed Sullivan show. Obviously, we had to acknowledge it, since Sonia is a huge fan...but first-- sleep!