jeudi 9 octobre 2014

Stop Ruining My Life

Maria and I got back to the hostel around the same time and she pressured me into joining her at the rooftop bar. I was just gonna have a Coca Light, but she insisted I splash some rum in there. The hostel was having salsa lessons that night. I hope you guys know I can't dance to save my life. Anyway, the hostel had tons of fun things to do. Some nights they had classes to teach you how to make Piñatas or to make guacamole. It was really cute! They also had walking tours-- all free! While I was at the bar I started thinking about the logistics of the concert. It was not as close as I imagined and I didn't want to take a taxi back at night by myself. What was I to do?!

The next morning I woke up super early and guess what! It was raining. Morrissey had cancelled. FREE DAY! I walked back to the store to inquire about a refund and swung by Bellas Artes again. It is still just as pretty in the rain.

I spent the rest of the day chilling extra hard. I didn't really want to do anything or go anywhere. I did end up going shopping at Zara, though. On my way back I saw an ad that said the King Tut exhibit was in town. I had been wanting to see it forever, and to see it here of all places?  I ended up getting lost trying to find the museum because there was tons of construction going on. No King Tut for me! Maria told me she was going to Teotihuacan, so I decided to join her. We had dinner and bought our tickets. She was writing a book about Teotihuacan and had come to see them because she read about them in a book. That is so amazing to me! Off to bed we went, cause we had a long day ahead.

The first stop on our long ass tour was to Tlatelolco, specifically the Plaza de las Tres Culturas. It is called the Plaza of the Tres Culturas to mark the three different cultures juxtaposed here: Aztec, Spanish, and Mestizo. What was amazing to me is that we were able to literally just pull over and walk among ruins. Tlatelolco was a pre-Columbian town and was found buried underneath the grounds of the 17th century Church of Santiago de Tlatelolco. The excavation led them to uncover the remnants of pyramids, platforms, and staircases. It is said that this is the very place that the Aztecs made their final stand against the Spaniards on August 13, 1521. Many of the stones on the pyramids depicted animals, and the trash ass Spaniards destroyed some of the pyramids and used those very stones to build their church. HOW RUDE!

Another important event was the Massacre of 1968, when Mexican soldiers strapped with machine guns and tanks fired into a crowd of 14,000 unarmed students who were protesting the spending on the 1968 Summer Olympics.  The government has only admitted to killing around 40 students, but more reliable sources say the number is in the hundreds. Check out the first name on the list!

We were off to a great start and I was excited for what lay ahead-- PYRAMIDS!

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