samedi 13 septembre 2014

Mexico City: You're Going WHERE?!

So there I was. It was January of 2013, and I was in a totally weird place in my life. I wasn't crazy about my job, had doubts about school, and was in a total funk all around. On one particular sleepless night (of which there were many), I found myself online. Somehow, I ran across a page that said Morrissey was playing a festival in Mexico City. I'm not a huge fan or anything, but it sounded fun. I checked out the ticket prices and the peso was on my side. So I bought it.

You know when you dream something totally ridiculous and you wake up relieved to see it didn't really happen? That didn't happen to me. Instead, I woke up to an email from WHAT?! Oh fuck. I hadn't thought this through at all. I debated charging it to the game, but then I started to get excited about it. I booked a flight, found a hostel-- Baby, I had a trip going!

I had only been to Mexico once when I was like, 2 years old. I am a terrible Mexican. I was excited to visit, and I found myself falling in love with the city before I even got there. No one else was excited but me. My friends assured me I'd get kidnapped. People tried talking me out of it. If I had a dollar for every time someone asked me if I was crazy, I'd be as rich as Carlos Slim. Soon enough, I started to think twice about my decision. I am so glad I decided to go anyway. It didn't really hit me until we touched down in Mexico City. WHAT HAD I DONE?!

I made my way to my hostel, Mundo Joven Catedral, and was completely in awe of the beauty surrounding me. My hostel was literally by the Zocalo, the town square. After mistakingly checking into a room full of (hot) guys, I made my way back down to reception and sheepishly asked to switch to a female dorm. Luck was on my side and I had it all to myself! I laid in my bunk and just kind of stared at the ceiling wondering what the hell I was gonna do.  I was all alone in this crazy city. I sighed and turned over and the writing was LITERALLY on the wall:

It was just like a movie! I don't think this has a direct translation but it's loosely saying "Being here is like being there, but much closer" aka DON'T TRIP.  I was so relieved and knew right then and there that this trip would be special. Little did I know...

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